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How is Easton Park Wiki Funded?

Easton Park Wiki is a social enterprise to provide Eastonites with a resident-contributable central knowledge base to become empowered homeowners, intelligent consumers, and better neighbors.

To ensure there is transparency with how Eaton Park Wiki functions, how this website produces revenue is described below.

Membership Subscriptions

Residents of Easton Park Wiki have the option to become a Supporting Contributor for $5 per month or $50 per year. Once subscribed and residency validated, Supporting Contributors will no longer see display advertisements.

Non-subscribers will continue to see advertisements, but no pages or articles will be behind a paywall.

Affiliate Marketing

Easton Park Wiki participates in several affiliate marketing programs from various businesses that are recommended. These products or services are recommended because it is believe they will provide value to Easton Park residents.

  • No payments are accepted for any review.
  • There will be a disclosure near any affiliate link or on that page to ensure that visitors are aware that links to those products or services are affiliates.
  • Affiliate marketing links do not cost visitors, Easton Park residents, or any Contributors any money to click.
  • These affiliates links will direct you to the business’ websites and place a cookie on your computer to track whether or not you’ve made a purchase with our referral code. Easton Park Wiki will not see any personal information.

Display Advertisements

For visitors of Easton Park Wiki that are not Supporting Contributors who are logged into their account, you will be shown various advertisements from different providers.

We are compensated either by showing you the advertisement, when a visitor interacts with the advertisement, or both.

Sponsored Articles

Local businesses have the option to sponsor an Wiki article. These sponsors may be Contributors or a business owner, and they do not have any influence on the content of the sponsored article or any other article. Sponsors will be prohibited from contributing to the sponsored article.

Business Listings

Businesses have the option to purchase an enhanced listing on the website where they can provide more details regarding their business. These businesses do not have any influence on any reviews or ratings for their listing, or any other listing.

Updated on June 22, 2021