1. Interactive Approved Plants List

Interactive Approved Plants List

This list is extracted from Easton Park’s Approved Plants List found at Nabr and a mirror is also hosted on this website.

Although this list is advertised as “the approved plants list”, the first page of the document states:

The attached list should be used as a starting point for selecting plants in the Easton Park. Requirements for specific Lots may be more or less restrictive depending on landscape indigenous to the immediate site and the location of the site within the Development.”

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Easton Park Approved Plants List

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wdt_IDCommon NameBotanical NamesHt. x Spd.Min. Size & Spacing Re.Drought ToleranceType of Tree/PlantSeasonalityComments
1Glossy AbeliaAbelia grandiflora6' x 6'4' o.c.YesLarge ShrubsEvergreen
2Dwarf AbeliaAbelia grandiflora, dwarf varieties3' x 3'3' o.c.YesLarge ShrubsEvergreen'Edward Goucher, "Sherwoodii'
3HuisacheAcacia farnesiana20' x 20'8' ht.YesOrnamental Tree
4Bigtooth MapleAcer grandidentatam30' x 20'2" cal.YesShade TreesDeciduous
5Japanese MapleAcer palmaturn15' x 10'6' ht.NoShade TreesDeciduousspecimen or container use only
6YarrowAchillea millefoium10" x 3'2" o.c.YesPerenials
7Red BuckeyeAesculus pavia10' x 20'8' ht.YesOrnamental Tree
8AgapanthusAgapanthus africanus24" ht.2' o.c.NoGround Covers, Annuals, PerenialsPerennialsSpecimen or container only
9AgaveAgave spp.4' x 6'5' o.c.YesAccents
10White Mistflower/BonesetAgeratina havanensis5' x 3'3' o.c.YesLarge ShrubsDeciduous
11Big BluestemAndropogon geraniii5' x 3'36" o.c.YesGrassesOrnamental
12Bushy BluestemAndropogon glomeratus4' x 2'36" o.c.YesGrassesOrnamental
13Flame AcanthusAnisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii3' x 3'3' o.c.YesSmall ShrubsDeciduous
14Coral Vine/Rose of MontanaAntigoNon leptopusNANAYesVinesDeciduous
15Red ColumbineAquilegia canadensis3 x 212" o.c.YesPerenials
16Hinkley's ColumbineAquilegia chrysantha x 'Hinkleyana'3' x 2'12" o.c.YesGround Covers, Annuals, PerenialsPerennials
17Yellow ColumbineAquilegia chrysantha3' x 2'12" o.c.YesPerenials
18Texas MadroneArbutus texana25' x 30'6' ht.YesShade TreesEvergreen
19ArtemesiaArtemesia ludoviciana2' x 2'2' o.c.YesSmall ShrubsEvergreen
20Powis Castle ArtemesiaArtemesia x 'Powis Castle'2' x 2'2' o.c.YesLarge ShrubsEvergreen
21Mexican WeedAsclepias curassivica3' x 1'12" o.c.YesGround Covers, Annuals, PerenialsPerennials
22Cast lron PiantAsoidistra eiatior36" x 24"24" o.c.NoSmall ShrubsEvergreen
23BambooBambusa spp.6' x 6'NoGrassesOrnamentalClumping varieties only
24Anacacho Orchid TreeBauhinia congesta6' x 12'8' ht.YesOrnamental Tree
25Japanese BarberryBerberis thunbergii5' x 5'3' o.c.YesLarge ShrubsDeciduous
Drought ToleranceType of Tree/PlantSeasonality

Data is accurate as of August 2nd, 2022

Do Not Plant List

The following list is taken from the Native and Adapted Landscape Plants Grow Green invasive plant list. See Grow Green guide for most current list.

  • Running Bamboo
  • Chinaberry
  • Chinese Parasol Tree
  • Chinese Pistache
  • Giant Cane
  • Kudzu
  • Japanese Ligustrum
  • Paper Mulberry
  • Nandina (berrying varieties)
  • Common Privet
  • Russian Olive
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Elephant Ear
  • Holly Fern
  • Wisteria (non-native)
  • Cat’s Claw Vine
  • Chinese Tallow
  • Japanese Honeysuckle
  • Wax LeafLigustrum
  • Mimosa (non-native)
  • White Mulberry
  • Chinese Photinia
  • Pyracantha
  • Salt Cedar Tamarisk
  • Vitex (agnus-castus)
  • English Ivy
  • Vinca (perennial varieties)

Does Not Meet Design Guidelines


  • Arizona Ash
  • Bradford Pear
  • Chinese Elm (Drake and Lacebark)
  • Green Ash
  • Italian Cypress
  • Palm Trees
  • River Birch
  • Silver Maple
  • Sugar Maule
  • Sweetgum


  • Azaleas
  • Boxwood
  • Burford Holly
  • Camellias
  • Chinese Holly
  • Euonymus
  • Indian Hawthorne
  • Photinia
  • Pittosporurn
  • Rhododend

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Updated on August 22, 2022

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