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Castillo Food Truck Park

Court yard for the food truck park

7701 Colton-Bluff Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78744

This food truck park is located almost across the street from The Union on Colton-Bluff Springs Road. It shares the land of a private residence and Castillo Custom Spaces.

There are several picnic tables and seating spread out across the property. The courtyard area features benches and a water fountain. There is a large picnic shelter, and a small tree house with seating as well.


Less than a half-dozen parking spots are available on premises. Enter the parking lot with care as is a one-lane entry.

Single lane entrance to the food truck park.


Eli’s Crepes

Eli's Crepes Menu
Eli’s Crepe Menu as of May 8th, 2021

Vos Tacos

La Tortuga Veloz

La Tortuga Veloz menu as of May 8, 2021
La Tortuga Veloz hours as of May 8, 2021
Updated on July 25, 2021

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