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Knob Hill

Knob Hill Entrance sign at Lombard Street

The second community built in Easton Park is a pun based off San Francisco’s Nobb Hill. Many of the streets are also named after famous streets in San Francisco.

This subdivision features a playground and a walking path that reaches the top of Knob Hill called Lookout Point which overlooks all of Easton Park. By 2021, there were 112 units built in Knob Hill, and new home construction has ended.

In 2022, Section 1C Phase 3 added an additional 5 residential lots, and one greenspace lot[1]March 8th, 2022 City of Austin City Planning Committee.

Parks and Greenspaces

Knob Hill Neighborhood Park

Poking fun at San Francisco’s Nobb Hill, Knob Hill park is an expansive green area with 28.29 acres, including a small playground with a stationary trolley. The trolley is meant to resemble those from San Francisco.

Walking trails lead through this playground up to the top of the hill called Lookout Point where there is a bench that overlooks all of Easton Park. Northwest of Knob Hill is Pilot Knob.

The trail runs down through butterfly and flower garden that exist towards William Cannon.

Near the mailboxes there is a community lending library.

Kezar Green Pocket Park

Kezar Green is located on the North West corner of Vista Mejor Drive and Van Ness Street. A sidewalk from the street winds between two homes before it reaches Lombard Street across from Knob Hill park.


1March 8th, 2022 City of Austin City Planning Committee
Updated on July 21, 2022

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