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Union Park

Union Park is separated into two detached condominium communities, East and West. Brookfield developed all the homes in Union Park East, and sold the land for Meritage to develop in Union Park West.

Sub-Homeowners Associations

It is commonly asked why do UPE and UPW have and pay for an additional Home Owner Association, or what is the difference between UPE and UPW compared to the rest of Easton Park?

There are many aspects to what makes these two subdivisions different from the rest of Easton Park. Primarily, it is because they are detached condominiums. “Detached” refers to the buildings are not being attached to one another, and each home is a part of a condominium community, where the owners have a share in the ownership of the land.

Union Park East homeowners own 0.2293% share of the Union Park East common areas. Union Park West homeowners own .3802% of common area.

Whereas, Easton Park home owners who do not live in Union Park, do not own any share in the common areas in Easton Park.

Because the land is not owned by the Easton Park Master Association, landscaping, maintenance, and other operations cannot be carried out by the Master Association. Therefore, the sub-associations individual management companies are responsible for upkeep and accounting.

Union Park East

Was developed by Brookfield Residential and is currently the location to most Easton Park’s primary amenities including The Union.

Union Park West

See main Union Park West article.

Union Park West land was sold to and developed by Meritage Homes. At the time, Easton Park’s master home owner association accounting and management was operated by Associa. In July 2020, Easton Park (including Union Park East) transitioned to DMB Community, now called Cohere Life. Union Park West continued to use Associa as their accounting, management, and compliance vendor.

Updated on April 20, 2022

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