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This is the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Easton Park Wiki. Click here for the FAQ for Easton Park community.

Why do you have to be an Easton Park resident to contribute or edit?
To reduce outside influences of businesses and non-residents, proof of residence is required. Homeowners must provide their legal name and street address. This will be validated with publicly available Travis County property records. Home or apartment Renters must provide their renters agreement that contains their name and address at time of registration.
Why do you use PayPal for payments?
Short answer: The security that PayPal can provide is far superior to the security that Easton Park Wiki alone can provide.

Long answer: PayPal has a 25 year history on the internet and is a mature payment processor. Choosing PayPal as the primary payment processor was due to their maturity, PCI compliance, and their scope of different payment methods, including credit card, bank, pre-existing PayPal balance, and Venmo.

Additionally, we also offer Zelle as a payment option, where payments can be sent directly and instantly from your participating bank.
How to I cancel or downgrade my Supporting Contributor account?
To cancel your subscription and downgrade your Supporting Contributor account, please submit a Subscription Cancelation. This is a manual process and at this time, there is not an option for users to complete this process themselves. Subscriptions are good through the entire month. If you cancel on the 2nd of the month, your subscription will continue through the entire month, and you will not be billed moving forward.
Are there refunds for Supporting Contributors?
Supporting Contributors may only be refunded in the case they have sold their residence. Closing documents showing the sale of their home to a new owner will be required. Please use the Contact form to request a refund.
Can I donate?
Yes, you may. It is still encouraged to become a Supporting Contributor as you’ll receive the ability to have advertisements removed from the website.
I found something wrong!
Wikis are not meant to be perfect. If you’ve found something wrong or inaccurate, you are welcome to register and update that content after account activation. Or, you may submit a Feedback request. Feedback requests may not always be honored, but will be considered.

If there is a request to completely remove information, a cease-and-desist and/or DMCA takedown notice is required. Furthermore, all requests for removal will be published for public view whether the removal is honored or not.

Updated on July 19, 2021