Quarter 3 September 13th, 2023 Town Hall

3rd Quarter 2023 Easton Park Town Hall Meeting


  • Teffani Davis – Executive Director, Teffani
  • Mike McMillen, Vice President, Land
  • Matt Chase – Vice President, Community Associations
  • AJ Zorn – Director of Land Development

Easton Park Master Community Board Members

  • Matt Chase – President
  • AJ Zorn – Vice President
  • Alison Grotzinger – Secretary
  • Armando Rueda – Treasurer

Different presentation style

150-200 questions each town hall. Duplicates/repeats are removed. Instead of questions announced at the end and then answered. Questions are built into the development update.

Community Life

The last Town Hall was in June. Ran through highlights of events during June, July, and August.


Mike Yager, a SPARK member, discussed what the initiatives of the class are and why residents should join.

Development Updates

Skyline Park Park

Expecting to deliver it in January with grand opening to follow. Several conceptual renderings and progress shots were displayed. This included the expected Pavilion, play structures, splashpad.

Prospect Park Park

Displayed a conceptual rendering of this park. Will include slides, elevated deck, padded hills, climbing structures, swings, including Mail Kiosks for the Prospect Park subdivision.

Pilot Park Park

Upper seating deck overlooking lower areas. Will including padded play areas and public art.

Union Park West Park

Permit was received in August, and bids have been placed. Will start as soon as bids are certified, submittals accepted, and pre-construction meetings with the City of Austin are scheduled.

Will include half basketball court, pickleball court, playground, covered seating, and Lawn.

Future Amenities

Ever expanding trail system: A trail connecting Union Park trails and Knob Hill and Bryant Park trails are connected under the William Cannon road bridge.

The only large amenity before the Southern Amenity Center will be a permanent dog park. Details and timeline are still unknown.

Second Amenity Center/Southern Amenity Center will be located in the southern half of Easton Park. Construction will start at the same time as the first homes. Will likely have sports courts element and a heavy water feature.

183 Entry Monument

Construction of a new entry monument has been installed at the intersection of William Cannon and 183. Will have a light feature.

Landscaping Projects

  • Irrigation and water restrictions
    • Operating within all restrictions and granted exemptions. All work is done under a civil permits, which has exemptions carved out for revegetation, stabilization, and filtering. Once you start these 9 month projects, they must be completed. That is why there are irrigation occurring during City of Austin Drought Restrictions. All irrigation is on timers. Contact Easton Park if there is something not working correctly or outside watering windows. Some timers can be damaged or misadjusted.
    • Only The Union uses reclaimed water. Possibility of using City’s reclaimed water if brought to Easton Park along Slaughter.
  • William Cannon and Prospect Park project paused.
  • McKinney Falls in from of Union Park West facelift. Permit in hand. Hasn’t started but cannot start until water restrictions are lifted.
  • Many detention ponds were clogged. Plants were removed during repair and will be replaced.


  • After a traffic study was conducted
    • Speed limits were reduced on Colton Bluff, Finial, and Apogee
    • School Zones and crossings added
    • Additional counts underway on Colton Bluff
  • William Cannon speed limits set after 6+ months of full four lanes open
  • No traffic signals at
    • Union Park Lane & Potomac Shores
    • Ezra Brooks & McKinney Falls
  • Pedestrian traffic is served on main corridors per code: William Cannon, Apogee, Colton Bluff
  • Developer does not own the bicycle lanes on Colton Bluff in front of the food truck park
  • Since Developer doesn’t own the food truck area, we cannot speak on their future plans

William Cannon Drive

  • Cota Vista will connect from Willaim Cannon to Prospect Park
  • Finial will dead-end into Cota Vista
  • Flatbush will remain open, but not a main throughfare
  • Developer does not own triangle parcel between 183 and old 1625
  • Primrose Daycare is expected to be built at the corner of Finial Drive and William Cannon.

Commercial and other Residential

  • The Grove at Easton Park
    • McDonalds, AutoZone, Carwash, Dentist, finance, pet store, and unconfirmed open spaces
    • Retail building expected to be completed at the end of Q1 2024. Retail owner looking for new tenants.  Summermoon is no longer going to be at this location due a new Austin Green Building Code that has pushed smaller deals back a couple of years to focus on more immediately obtainable projects. Other smaller coffee companies have stated the same.
  • The Retreat by Hines – First building expected to be completed Q2 2024. Multifamily being built behind the Amenity Center north of the future Union Park West.
  • Question: Easton Park does not have Section 8 Housing. Each Eaton Park parcel is subject to Austin affordability requirements, and Section 8 vouchers that can be used.
  • Question: DB Living – an offshoot of Toll Brothers – is build-for-rent product in Easton Park. Is expected to be a higher-end product. Not a Urbana at Good Night Ranch replication.
  • IDEA School Site Update: Brookfield is still working with IDEA school to determine the best use of that land.


  • Lighting
    • Based on best practices, applicable codes, and safety considerations. Developer has a set light standard of ~300 fee between poles.
    • Skyline Park will have lights on the paths around the main lawn as a premier park, but no plans to install path lights in the neighborhood like Pilot Park. Will be open from dawn to dusk.
    • No plans to add lights to any trails
  • Construction in Discovery Park
    • Less than 12 months remaining based on remaining home sales.
  • Slaughter Lane expansion
    • Like the southern amenity center, will be constructed to facilitate the construction of new homes in the southern half of Easton Park.
    • Will wait until it makes business sense to build it.
  • Will there be any new builder partners:
    • No plans to add any new home builders.
    • But continuously look at the mark and adjust the team based on demand.

Additional Questions/comments

Question: Pedestrian Signals at William Cannon not working – There has been reported to the City. Work order submitted, but no timeline known.

Question: What is going on with Balboa Park – South of Prospect Park and along Apogee. Continuation of quad products from Newmark and Pacesetter. Road and infrastructure should be finished by December.

Construction during the weekend – Permitted to work during the same hours on the weekdays and weekends.

Question: Anything regarding a 3-Way stop light at Slaughter Lane and Thaxton intersection? During rush hour is pretty bad. 30-40 minutes to get through it.

The intersection does not belong to Easton Park. There is a signal that is planned that will be a part of Slaughter. The county has a plan widen Thaxton up to when it becomes McKinney Falls Pkwy. The signal is being planned. It is dependent on whether or not the city or Brookfield will build it and when. It is expected to be built prior to Slaughter’s expansion. Brookfield is willing to put it the ground before Slaughter is expanded.

Question: Sand Volleyball Court? – Anything is possible for future amenities. The Livability Survey or Amenity Survey may be sent out in the future. Those surveys help determine the community’s needs and preferences for future programming.

Why is the next subdivision better mine? “Because we learn.” Bryant Park is a perfect example of what the original idea of the community would be. Through changes in what the community needs trhoguh feedback and surveys determine the future subdivision programming.

Question: Is MOD Pizza Gone Too? – Unknown

Question: Why is there so much decorative grass in the community? Drought tolerance determines the grass types used on the community. Grasses are native or drought tolerant. Click here to see the Interactive Approved Plants List

Question: Any mini soccer fields coming? No planned fields, but available park space can be used for with portable nets.

Question: What can be done about adding an indication on Union Park Lane to slow down as they approach Potomac Shores in UPW? AJ will look into indications, but cannot add a Stop sign.

Updated on November 12, 2023

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