Quarter 4 December 6th, 2023 Town Hall

4th Quarter 2023 Easton Park Town Hall Meeting


  • Teffani Davis – Executive Director, Teffani, Cohere
  • Mike McMillen, Vice President, Land, Brookfield
  • Matt Chase – Vice President, Community Associations, Brookfield
  • AJ Zorn – Director of Land Development, Brookfield

Easton Park Master Community Board Members

  • Matt Chase – President
  • AJ Zorn – Vice President
  • Alison Grotzinger – Secretary (not present)
  • Armando Rueda – Treasurer (via phone)

Master Easton Park Homeowners Association Board Meeting

  • Called to order at 6:34 PM
  • Quorum established
  • Approved prior Meeting Minutes:
    • August 3rd, 2022
    • December 7th, 2022
  • Review & Approve 2024 Operating budget
    • 2023 Financial Figures:
      • Income:
        • Homeowner and Builder Assessments: $1,698,813
        • Enforcement Revenue (violations, architectural reviews, etc.): $17,796
        • Property Transfer (community enhancement fees, working capital fees): $182,046
        • Programs & Amenities (sponsorship, advertisement, rentals):
        • MUD Reimbursement:
        • Total Income: $2,144,850
      • Expenses:
        • Administrative (legal, insurance, management, printing, postage, etc.): $1,366,541
        • Amenity maintenance (pool maintenance and contracts, HVAC, janitorial): $25,717
        • Utilities (water, gas, electricity): $317,780
        • Landscaping: $1,037,623
        • Engagement (programming & holiday decorations): $128,745
        • Reserve and Capital Improvement: $162,540
        • Total Expenses: $3,268,536
      • Total Loss: $1,128,101
    • 2024 Monthly Assessment will be $64. 5% increase over 2023.
      • It has been advised and continues to be advised expect a 3-5% increase
      • Current assessments are considered low for the community.
      • Expect assessments increases each year until Brookfield is no longer subsidizing the community
    • Motion to approve budget was passed.
  • Meeting closed at 6:38 PM.

Union Park East Residential Condo Board Meting

  • Quorum established
  • Approved prior Meeting Minutes: for November 7th, 2022
  • Review and Approve 2024 Operating Budget
    • 2023 Financial Figures:
      • Income:
        • Homeowner and Builder Assessments: $133,056
        • Enforcement Revenue (violations, architectural reviews, etc.): $600
        • Other Revenue: $240
        • Property Transfer: $3,600
        • Total Income: $137,496
      • Expenses:
        • Administrative (legal, insurance, management, printing, postage, etc.): $35,400
        • Landscaping: $96,096
        • Reserve and Capital Improvement: $6,000
        • Total Expenses: $137,496
    • 2024 Monthly Assessment
      • Service Fee: $26.
      • Assessment: $10
      • Total: $36
    • Motion to approve the budget was passed.
  • Meeting closed at 6:41 PM.

Easton Park Master Association Town Hall

Community Life

Presented by Teffani Davis


Designed to create community leaders. January 10, 2024 will have an informational meeting.

Classes discuss the overall operations and governance of the community, and understand why and how this community was created, and how to consider the community may develop in 10-20 years from now.

Applications will be open in December, and will remain open until after the int, and first meeting in February.

Perform as community leaders.

2023 Class was Graduated in November 2023.

Community Life

Events Hosted in October & November

  • Wicked Walk
  • Roots and Wings Fall Festival
  • Turkey Trot
  • Easton Made

In 2023, over 300 events and programs in hosted between Community Life team, partners, and clubs.


  • Optimized Daily
  • Austin Canine Academy
  • EP Sports

Open to new partnership opportunities including clubs, volunteering, etc.

Community Development Updates

Presented by A.J. Zorn

Retreat at Easton Park

Multi-family apartment complex built by Hines. Construction occurring. First building expected to be completed mid 2024. Overall plan to be expected to be done in April 2025.

Leasing is expected to start sometime in Q3 2024.

New Developments William Cannon & Finial Drive

Two new developments.

DB Living at Easton Park

Built to rent community. “A good builder with a great product.” Expected to finish up horizontal component (sewage, pluming, etc.) sometime early next year. Expecting to build homes in the Fall.

Nelson Village

Condos like Union Village and duplexes. Same timeline as DB Living. Feb – March for horizontal part, September October when homes start getting built.

Built by David Weekley Homes. Single family and duplexes. Feb March/2024 for horizontal installation to be completed.

Park Updates

Skyline Park

Expected to be completed in January 2024. When the park is safe to use, it will be opened to residents. Grand opening will occur during better weather in Spring.

Native grasses will remain around the Skyline Park. Where it is available, taller native grasses will continue to be used. There’s less environmental impact and HOA maintenance. Native areas only get touched twice per year. Native grasses are have less impact on water and help comply with water restrictions.

Lots of reclaimed dirt and used for top soil. Rocks were also used on various projects. Volcanic rocks are also being used for various purposes.

Prospect Park

Work has not progressed much.

There is currently only one Prospect Park home closed.

Pilot Park & Park

Residents beginning to move into Pilot Park. Difficulties with contracts, but progress moving forward.

Park progress is delayed with construction not being developer’s expectations. Adult swings in the park are being considered.

Mailbox Issues

AJ Zorn met with Postmaster, and other people he could. Processes have changed and issues are now with Federal Government level.

UPW PARK & McKinney Falls Improvements

Both projects start this week with 4-5 months expected completion.

Keike Park

Keike Park will get a sign at Apogee and Skytex at the southern corner. There have been difficulties with getting electricity in order to light the sign.

Union Park Village Park

Question regarding parking to access the Park: Only a few parking spots for urban homes. The idea is not be necessarily visitable, but designed for the residents of that community, yet still open to the public. There is no intention for parking lots to be present at all parks.

Permanent Dog Park

No plans to create improvements to current temporary Bark Park. Park was fully grassed at open. If there is a point where the permanent dog park is open, and the temporary park becomes unusable, considerations can be made. The predominant plan is to get the permanent dog park built.

Ideas for permanent location has not been confirmed but have been circled and will not be shared at this time.

As for expected features; the temporary dog park is a test case to understand how the permanent bark park may be designed and function.

Second Amenity Center

No different than previous Town Halls; when Slaughter Lane is extended and homes built, timing will be provided.


Trail connecting Skyline and Pilot Park has been greenlit.

The overall trail system will be designed so that all trails connect to each subdivision. For example, you should be able to get to from Bryant Park all the way to the south side of Easton Park without having to cross a street. There will even be a bridge that will connect North Easton Park to South East.

Trails that flood after rains. Trails were designed to flood at high precipitation levels. Future designs may have walkable paths above flooded areas.

William Cannon

All 4 lanes opening soon, pending landscaping. Landscaping was completed, but broke most of the sidewalk, over 250 panels. As soon as it is completed, the County will need to reapprove. The road will not be restriped beyond general requirements.

Speed limits: Once 4 lanes open, a traffic study will be conducted before recommending a speed limit is applied. 6-7 months away once the road is opened and study is started.

Fencing and Barricades: No plans for more fencing or barricades along William Cannon.

Street Lights: No plans to install more lights along William Cannon. If problems arise once the 4 lanes are open.

Tower at William Cannon and 183

Has a highly technical lighting systems being installed. Will be lit soon.


Intersection at Hillock & Final

Nothing will be changed. This intersection functions correctly if traffic rules are considered. Will investigate “2-way stop” messaging on stop signs.


No plans for lights or cameras at mailboxes. No plans to monitor mailboxes. Thefts are being approached by

Cameras installed on common space areas increase costs, maintenance, and has many steps.

Gated Community

Easton Park will never be a gated community. The MUD requires the entire community to be public. There is a possibility of a gated enclave community in later phases of Easton Park’s construction. Apartment complexes have their own choice whether they are gated or not.

Increased Travis County Sheriff’s Presence

This subject comes up each Town Hall. The developer cannot enforce speeding, parking, or off-leash dogs. Easton Park is located in Southeast Austin which is sometimes considered a rougher area.

It is recommended to get to your neighbors and communicate effectively.

Thaxton Road

The condition of Thaxton Road is due to road failure, and not construction damage. The County has a project to improve the road and expand it. That project was on-track at one point, but has been delayed.

The traffic signal at Thaxton Road and Slaughter Lane is delayed. The Developer will push for a temporary signal. The signal will not be started until the aforementioned road improvements are complete.

Sassman Road

AJ Zorn is looking at fixing Sassman Road. Mentioned 2026, but reiterated when they start building the south of Slaughter Lane.

Overall, nearby rural roads around Easton Park have deteriorated due to extreme heat. Has been brought up to the County frequently. AJ Zorn believes that he has advocated from the Developer side as much as possible. Homeowners have the most influence and recommends reaching to the County directly to voice concerns.

Commercial Updates

The Grove at Easton Park

3 pads: There are difficulties with McDonalds and Autozone pads, but the Car Wash does have a coming soon sign. Once these pads are able to proceed, expect construction quickly, perhaps early next year starting to pop-up.

6 bay retail strip: Completed in Q2 of 2024. Taking leases now. Broker has a number of ideas as recommended from the last town hall. First Hartford is the Broker and are welcoming ideas for leases.

Question regarding tax proceeds from retail funding the MUD: Prior agreements are unknown. Going forward, MUD taxes will be levied.

IDEA School Property

First Hartford is also the Broker for the IDEA School Property. Transfer hands from IDEA School to the Broker is happening. Expectations are for it to close at the end of next year. They are trying to solidify what will be on that lot and obtain leases ahead of the closing. Brookfield expects to work with the Broker to find the right mix of tenants as a commercial property. Brookfield will not have a say on what is built on the property.


The HEB store is “on the list”, but unsure where. HEB is growing too fast elsewhere. Easton Park is not a prioritized spot.

Trader Joes was contacted as a potential grocery store. Their response is they prefer to be somewhere that is a little more established.


There will be more commercial sites in the future. Thaxton, Slaughter, and 183 will have commercial sites. The “town center” will also be a commercial site.


Will there be a copy of the slides?

The recording of the presentation will be provided. But the slides themselves, no.

Are the groundskeepers or landscapers supposed to clean the complete front lawn including the weeds growing through the flower beds.

If this is a question regarding the condos. They mow and blow the yards. Weeds are controlled with pre- and post-emergent. They do not hand-pull weeds. That would need to be done by the owner.

Will you collaborate with officials to get street sweepers near our residential construction sites to help prevent flat tires from building materials and nails?

There are regular street sweepers, but it is clearly not enough. Street sweeping only happens in active construction areas.

Will there be a mountain bike trail?


What triggers Google Maps to be updated?

Residents have to manually submit their address to Google to have their home on the map. That will assist with getting packages delivered more easily.

Pest Control

Pest control comes out each month. If more control is needed, pest control can be called again.

Pool Umbrellas

Looking for a more permanent solution to the current umbrellas which break or damage easily.

Number of Homes

Master: 1800 doors

Condos: 500-600

Completely built out: roughly 12,000. 6,000-8,000 will be homes, and the remaining units will be mixture of townhomes, condos, and rentals. Easton will be a small town when done.

HOA Charges

HOAs cannot charge more than they need to maintain the association. Currently, at 5% increases per year to build reserves and balance the budget where the Developer doesn’t have to subsidize the community.

Updated on December 10, 2023

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