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S.P.A.R.K. – Easton Park Leadership Program

At the Q3 2022 Town Hall Meeting[1]August 31st, 2022 Town Hall Meeting, it was announced that there will be a Park Pioneers program to provide education for Easton Park residents who want to volunteer. This was later renamed to SPARK at the Q4 2022 Town Hall Meeting[2]Dec. 7th, 2022 Town Hall Meeting.

Classes will occur from February through November 2023 during the initial year.

  • Expand the capacity of participants to perform as leaders in the community
  • Furthers community sustainability both financially and health-wise.
  • Looking for 10-12 individuals to commit to attend monthly meetings.
  • Cover topics like operations, governance, and leadership.
  • Applications open in October for February 2023 kickoff.


1 August 31st, 2022 Town Hall Meeting
2 Dec. 7th, 2022 Town Hall Meeting
Updated on December 7, 2022

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