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Pulse Survey

Each year, typically in Fall, a livability survey is sent to Easton Park residents to help developers get an understanding of Eastonites’ opinions on the community as a whole. The results help the developers prioritize the community’s future development.

It was announced at the Q3 2022 Town Hall meeting the Livability Survey was renamed the Pulse Survey[1]August 31st, 2022 Town Hall Meeting.

2021 Survey Results

  • 69% are satisfied with their quality of life.
  • 72% are satisfied with the community.
  • 75% are satisfied with their homes.
  • 77% are happy to live in Easton Park.

Development Priorities

Residents responded as follows to their priority for development in the community.

  • 48% Retail/Grocery/Restaurants
  • 19% Landscaping
  • 18% Development Commitments
  • 18% Additional Amenities
  • 16% Association Operations
  • 14% Location of Community
Easton Park 2021 Livability Survey results.
Easton Park 2021 Livability Survey results. Click to Enlarge.
Updated on September 3, 2022

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