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Quarter 4 December 7, 2022 Town Hall Meeting


Board Meeting

  • Master HOA Dues will increase to $60 from $56 per month. 14% increase.
  • Union Park East – Monthly HOA Dues will increase to $36 from $34.26 a month.
  • Towing policy approved to ensure Fire Department is able to access all streets in EP.

General Updates

  • Community Life
    • Pool Umbrellas – 32 damaged pool umbrellas in 2022. Looking at options beyond umbrellas for shade.
    • S.P.A.R.K. 10 month leadership program
      • Monthly subjects with different presenters
      • Understanding what Easton Park is about and it’s values, what makes the community

Selected Development Updates and Q&A

  • Skyline Park
    • End of 2023 estimated completion date
  • Union Park West Park timeline – Tons of delays from COA on permits. Goal to start in Q2 of 2023 pending permits.
  • Discovery Park Park is completed
  • Timelines for the completion of Prospect Park? Will have 4 pocket parks
  • Timeline for pickleball courts? Pickleball court will be in Union Park West Park.
  • Shade structures not expected to be added to existing parks. Expectation is that the young trees will grow to provide shade.
  • Commercial:
    • Timeline for commercial shops – Permits are also causing delays
    • What businesses will be coming to commercial development? See The Grove at Easton Park for all business expected to be at that location.
    • What will be replacing the IDEA school? No new information.
  • Kieke Park:
    • Plans to improve the mailboxes at Kieke Park?
    • Is Kieke Park going to get new signage, and when is the expected installation date? Both Kieke Park and Union Park West will both be getting new signs to have more consistent signage in Q1 2023.
  • General:
    • Timeline for completion of Colton Bluff? Striping is completed, looking to pass inspection. Medians expected to be removed in 60 days.
    • Plans to add streetlights throughout the community? No. Dark Skies initiative.
    • Are there plans to add lighting at the dog park? The dog park is temporary. Solar light installations are being investigated.
    • What is the timeline for Google Fiber availability in Easton Park? The developer has been contacting Google Fiber, but no news. However, Google Fiber has provided door flyers about their upcoming service.
    • With the change of the housing market, are you expecting construction to decrease, or will there be more houses left unfinished? Zero chance that a home will be left unfinished.
    • Any time line for Slaughter Lane construction? Moving a head with permits. Wont be built until traffic warrants it.
    • Any updates on the gated community within Easton PArk? There will not be a gated home community. Ariza Apartments will have gates. Development deal with Easton Park is that homes will not have gated communities.
    • What is the timeline for completion of the model home construction? They will be completed soon,.
    • What is going to be developed by the Red Benches?
    • What are the landscape plans along William Cannon to reduce noise and car lights? No plans to reduce noise. Adding a few trees to help block out more lights.
    • What is the update on the upderpass under william cannon from Bryan Park to Knob Hill. Permits submitted.
    • What’s the timeline for the completion of William Cannon? End of this year, but landscapers install will go through inspection and acceptance phase. It is a County road, not a Developer road.
    • Can you explain how roads are designed and approved?
    • When will the entrance to CVS from William Cannon open? It is open.
    • Any updates on the traffic signal at William Cannon and Colton Bluff? Temporary layout is approved, and finalized when the improvement project is completed.
  • Q& A
    • Traffic question
    • UPE will get a sign at Linear Park between the two halves
    • Question regarding the Garage
      • Intended use of the garage is to park vehicles. Turning the garage into an ADU, as long as the garage can hold a vehicle, that is the spirit of the rule.
      • No intentions for permit parking
    • No timelines for homes being built in _____. Started a home on all lots that Brookfield owns. 12 months.
    • Nails in streets.
    • Is there going to be an another amenity center. Once construction in the southern half of EP starts. Conversations started.
    • Town Center. Change in real estate market has slowed down that development. Will be mixed use.
    • William Cannon and McKinney Falls
    • There will be a permanent dog park.
    • How is there a loss if there is a 1% MUD increase. The HOA is not the MUD. MUD does provide the HOA with landscape funding.
Updated on March 23, 2023

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