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The Grove at Easton Park

The commercial space at the corner of William Cannon and McKinney Falls, where the Easton Park sign exists, was officially revealed to be called The Grove at Easton Park with an illustration provided at a June 2nd, 2021 Town Hall.

This land is considered Easton Park 1A that is located approximately at 7300 E. William Cannon and is owned and developed by First Hartford Communities, except Easton Park 1B Lot 6A which is owned by IDEA School.

HEB owns the land on the northern corner of this intersection. [1]First Hartford – Easton Park Pad Sites Available

Easton Park 1B Lots 1, 2, and 4 is situated to the east of Easton Park 1A and Union Park Lane and also includes the current green space that to the east of Union Park West and west of the Union Park West Loop Trail. The approximate address is 7401 1/2 E. William Cannon.[2]First Hartford – Easton Park Pad Sites Available

The Grove at Easton Park map with included retailers.
Click to enlarge. The Grove at Easton Park businesses.

Announced Commercial


CVS opened on December 5th, 2021. The store features a pharmacy, small basic food supplies, greeting cards, and a modest wine and beer selection.


McDonalds owns a lot that is east of the CVS.

ClearWater Express Wash

An express car wash will be build east of McDonalds and west of the Retail Strip


Will be build on the corner of Dunant Way and Union Park Lane, northwest of the Roundabout.

Retail Strip

This location will also include a small retail strip. Below are the expected retail stores, but unconfirmed companies.

  • Pizza
  • Hair salon
  • Restaurant

The confirmed businesses are:

Other Business Opportunities

Developer: First Hartford Communities.

They have a listing broker listing the pad sites available.

Lease Holder of the Easton Park Sign

Developer is First Hartford Realty Corp

The Grove at Easton Park Apartments

South of Easton Commons will be The Grove at Easton Park Apartments, not to be confused with The Grove at Easton Park commercial and retail lots that will be on the South Eastern corner of the William Cannon and McKinney Falls intersection.

This apartment complex will have 350+ units for rent on 10.493 acres[5]CREXI[6]CLD Realty The Grove at Easton Park – August 10, 2021.

Click to enlarge.
Updated on December 9, 2021

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