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Union Park West Park (Section 1B-4 Park)

This park is set to be built south of Retreat at Easton Park apartments, north of Colton-Bluff Springs Road, and to the East of Union Park West.

The park was originally advertised to include the 25.43 acre land that would now be Retreat at Easton Park, prior to Fall 2020. Brookfield Properties chose to instead use a majority of the land to build the apartment complex, and instead build a 3 acre park, and have the original amenities planned to be built at Skyline Park.


The park will include:

  • Pickle ball court
  • Round basketball half-court
  • A small, children’s playground
  • Picnic tables
  • Grass fields


A 550+ petition was submitted to the HOA, and prompted Brookfield Residential to comment on the petition and explain their reasonings at a September 1st, 2021 Town Hall Meeting. A meeting with Union Park West residents was scheduled for September 9th to discuss the situation in-person.

Union Park West Design Meetings

Quarter 3, 2022

The park is currently queued for work to be completed after the expansion and improvements of Union Park Lane and Colton Bluff to be completed. A sign was erected in Q3 2022.

Union Park West Pre-Construction Sign. Click to enlarge.

Quarter 3, 2023

Developers shared an update that the park has received permits to begin. Construction will start once a bid is accepted.

Updated on November 12, 2023

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