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SunHouse at Easton Park

SunHouse at Easton Park is a provisional name for a new neighborhood and initiative announced by Tesla founder, Elon Musk on July 9th, 2021[1]Austonia – July 9th, 2021. This Easton Park neighborhood will feature the first Telsa Solar Neighborhood and will be all solar. This is a collaboration between Tesla Energy, Brookfield Asset Management, and real estate developer Dacra.

The development will be used as a test bench for how Tesla continues to develop and launch products, including Tesla Solar Roof tiles.

The first phase will include Brookfield Residential’s Urban Homes and Urban Courtyard Homes built within Kieke Park with additional homes available in Discovery Park.

The second phase of the development will take insights from the development of the first phase, but consist with significantly more homes[2]Tesla Energy, Brookfield and Dacra Announce the Development of Large-Scale Sustainable Neighborhood in Austin, Texas .

Homes will have backup storage from Tesla’s Powerwall and energy from Solar power.

Signup to get yourself on the interest list at the Easton Park website.

2-3 homes will be released for purchase in August 2021, with the remaining to follow in September and October. Price points have not been announced[3]Brookfield Residential Marketing Email – July 28, 2021.

In mid-October, Brookfield Residential announced a few of the first homes available within Kieke Park ranging from$510,000 to $626,000.

Updated on April 20, 2022

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