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Kieke Park

Kieki Park Entrance Sign near Chrysler Bend and Ausblick Avenue
Kieki Park Entrance Sign near Chrysler Bend and Ausblick Avenue

The original name for this subdivision was called Mirabel Park, and is considered to be Easton Park Section 2C. Currently, 135 residential lots will be constructed and exists within the South Fork Dry Creek watershed[1]January 22, 2019 Subdivision Review Sheet.

Kieke Park Playgrounds and Pocket Parks

The subdivision’s three parks and greenspaces had their grand opening on May 29th, 2021.

Kieke Park Neighborhood Park

The largest of the three parks, Keike Park us is on the northern side of Ausblick Avenue. Includes a small pavilion with seats commemorating members of the Kieke family, as well as a large playground with playcubes, a climbing wall, swings, and a rope structure.

A sidewalk borders the adjacent retention pond, and has an extension that connects to Skyline Park at Orizzonte Street and Silverthonre Street.

Chrysler Bend Pocket Park

The pocket park, located at the southeast corner of Corrigan Pass and Chrysler Bend, will have trees and some charming play structures, including a climbing fort with a rope ladder and slide, as well as two large suspended nest swings.

Roundabout Pocket Park

A smaller pocket park also exists near the Chrysler Bend and Ausblick Avenue roundabout.

Flo McKenzie Green

Named after Florene Kieke McKenzie Green, one of the Kieke daughters, runs along the southern portion of Ausblick Avenue. This park features a large green space with a monument and historical plaque constructed in the center. A rock creek is constructed in the middle of the southern most portion of the park.

Updated on September 6, 2021

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