Cohere is the community engagement and accounting management company for the the Easton Park Master Community, Inc. (EPMC) and Easton Park Residential Condominiums Association, Inc. (EPRCA), the Master Homeowners’ Association for Easton Park, and the Sub-association for Union Park East.

The company was originally called DMB Community Life, which became the community engagement and accounting management company starting on July 1st, 2020[1]June 25, 2020 Town Hall.

It was announced on February 10th, 2022, in the Easton Park Pulse that DMB Community would rebrand as Cohere.

Dues & Assessments

  • $60 per month for 2023
  • Due on the 1st of each month
  • Payments can be made by Bank ACH transfer, debit, credit, or mailed check
  • Statements are sent by mail each month.
  • Questions:

Assessment History

Easton Park Master Association Assessment History


The following is available for convenience only and is not official. Please view the current information on Enumerate Engage for the official information on dues, payments, and online access.

Mailing Address

Easton Park Master Community, Inc. or Easton Park Residential Condominiums Association, Inc.
PO Box 64685
Phoenix, AZ 85082-4685

Direct Debit


Complete the form(s) for your section. Forms received before the 15th of the month will be established for automatic withdrawal the following month.

Through Your Bank

Provide your EPMC/EPRCA account number (on your monthly statement).

Address: EPMC/EPRCA PO Box 64685, Phoenix, AZ 85082-4685.

Make payments at least 10 days prior to due date for processing.

If you’d like to get your EPMC/EPRCA number before your first statement, you can email

ACH, Credit, Debit

One-time payments and automatic payments can be scheduled using your bank’s ACH, Debit, or Credit accounts. Debit and Credit cards carry a 2.95% processing fee. Checking and savings accounts have no charge.

To create an account or schedule a one-time payment on the MutualPay Property Pay website:

  • Management Company ID: 1110
  • Association ID:

Your Account Number can be found on your monthly statement.

Assessment Statements

Village Management Software manages all statements (excluding Union Park West’s sub-association).

Email the Cohere accounting team to register for this website and service. The service only allows for the viewing of statements and does not provide payment capabilities.

Cohere Associates

Brookfield Properties Development Team

Division President – Brad Chelton

Easton Park Master Community Inc. Board of Directors

During the Q2 2023 Town Hall Meeting[2]Quarter 2 2023 Town Hall it was announced the Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Matt Chase – President
  • AJ Zorn – Vice President
  • Allison Gratzinger – Secretary
  • Armando Rueda – Treasurer

Cohere Life Team for Easton Park

  • Vice President, Community Operations – Matthew Chase
  • Regional Director – Christy Gross

Residents on Board of Directors

At the June 2nd, 2021 Town Hall, it was announced that as more sections are completed, residents will be accepted to the HOA Board of Directors.

Updated on October 29, 2023

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