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Union Park East

Union Park East (UPE) is a a subdivision that is part of the EP Residential Condo Association (EPRCA). It is considered Easton Park Section 2A and encompasses 55.95 acres in City of Austin ETJ[1]June 28th, 2016 Travis County Court Agenda Request.

UPE is designed so that streets act as alleys with garage access, and the front of the homes face each other to encourage more neighbor interaction.

Once the Easton Bark dog park is demolished, more homes will be built on the lot.

Easton Park Residential Condominiums Governance and Declaration

EP Residential Condo Association Dues & Assessments

Information as of March 1st, 2021

  • Easton Park Master Association Dues – $56 per month
  • EP Residential Condo Association – $8 per month
    • Used for administrative functions including management, insurance, etc.
  • Service Area Assessments – $26.04 per month
    • Used for landscaping services provided to each unit
    • Beginning in 2022, this Service Area Assessment will increase $6.04 per month. A total of $26.50. The developer will cover the cost of the irrigation inspections and repairs for the remainder of 2021. Owners will be responsible for additional charges starting in 2022.

Assessment History

Union Park East Assessment History. Includes Special Service Area Assessment and Condo Assessment

Landscaping Maintenance Responsibilities

EP Residential Condo Association Responsibilities

The Service Area Assessment covers mowing, edging, and blowing. It also covers two annual irrigation inspections, irrigation repairs, and annual mulch refresh planters for each unit.

Homeowners responsibilities

  • Treating weeds
  • Trimming and replacing trees
  • Maintaining planters


Streets in Union Park East are maintained by the Master HOA and is covered by the EP Residential Condo Association Responsibilities


HOA relies on the residents to report parking issues and violations at eastonpark@dmbcommunitylife.com. Provide date, time, car descriptions, and license plate.

Evaluating additional signage as of March 1st, 2021

Greenspace pavilion under construction

Mandela Bend Gates

Currently, there are gates that block the entrance to Mandela Bend from Colton-Bluff Springs. According to the September 1st, 2021 Town Hall, traffic demand did not warrant their removal, but the developers are pushing to have them opened.


1June 28th, 2016 Travis County Court Agenda Request
Updated on January 18, 2023

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