Bryant Park

Bryant Park Entrance Sign on William Cannon

Bryant Park is the very first neighborhood built in Easton Park and is Section 1A. It includes an central park with playground, and 176 units built[1]Easton Park Section 1A Preliminary Plan – September 16th, 2014. A walking trail connects to the Knob Hill neighborhood.

The neighborhood is has been fully built-out and new home construction has ended.

Bryant Park is named after Bryant Park town square in Manhattan, New York City.

Bryant Park Community Park

Bryant Park is a 3 acre park with a large, covered pavilion. The pavilion also serves as the location for the subdivision’s mailboxes.

Through the archway during a Kite flying event in Bryant Park.
  • Playground
  • Hammock garden
  • Life-size chess
  • Ping-pong
  • Large, open lawn

Renting Bryant Park Pavilion

Items included in rental

  • 36 chairs
  • 6 six-foot tables

$100 deposit required for all rentals.

Reservation fees are as follows

  • Monday – Thursday: $15 per hour (duration of 4-6 hours including set up and teardown)
  • Friday – Sunday: $20 per hour (duration of 4-8 hours including set up and teardown)
  • Cleaning Fee: $75.00 per hour (if necessary)
  • Alcohol: $30
  • Amplified Sound: $30
  • Food Truck: $10
  • Moonwalk, Inflatables, Rock Walls (NO miniature trains, water slides, or petting zoos): $10
Updated on April 4, 2022

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