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Carma Easton LLC is a Texas limited liability company, formerly known as Jona Acquisition Inc., this company began using Carma Easton LLC on December 12th, 2011[1]Open Corporates. The namesake originates from Carma Developers, a Canadian subsidiary of Brookfield Residential LLC (Texas) which is a subsidiary of Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. Carma Easton LLC is the development company that owns the development land of Easton Park and has planned the community as a whole.


Carma Easton LLC namesake originates from Carma Developers, which was founded in Calgary, Canada in 1958. By 1972, the company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1987, Brookfield Properties Inc. acquired an interest in Carma Developers, before purchasing the company’s remaining shares. By 2000, Carma Developers is privatized and its own subsidiaries placed under Brookfield Homes Ontario Residential (BPO Residential), itself a subsidiary of Brookfield Properties Inc [2]Brookfield Residential History.

In 2011, BPO Residential and Brookfield Homes is merged into Brookfield Residential Inc, and begins to trade on TSX. In 2015, major shareholder Brookfield Asset Management takes Brookfield Residential Inc. private, and begins Austin homebuilding operations, 11 years after starting its Austin operations[3]Brookfield Residential History.

Updated on May 31, 2021

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