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IDEA Public School

Plans for an IDEA Public School to be built on the corner at approximately 7300 E. William Cannon are apart of the Easton Park 1B Lot 6A plan along with CVS and other commercial projects.[1]Subdivision Review Sheet – Easton Park 1B Lot 1,2,4,6 Preliminary Plan – October 13, 2020

At the June 2nd, 2021 Town Hall, it was announced that the IDEA School would break ground in the next four weeks. A Fall 2022 grand opening was expected. By September’s Town Hall, construction was pushed back and is now to be announced.

At the December 1st, 2021 Town Hall, it was announced that the school has not provided any updates. There are expectations that construction will may start Spring/Summer 2022.

It was announced that the IDEA School was not approved, and it is expected that IDEA Schools will sell the land. At a the March 3rd, 2022 Town Hall, Brookfield will be consider re-purchasing the land. There is nothing planned at the moment.

Updated on March 21, 2022

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