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The Grove at Easton Park Apartments

This article is about the The Grove at Easton Park Apartments. For information about The Grove at Easton Park commercial and retail, please click here.

The Grove at Easton Park Apartments will be a 300[1]Austin: City Sets Public Hearing for Affordable 300-Unit Multifamily Development unit apartment complex located south of Easton Commons, north of KB Homes Vista Ridge, and will be built across the street from the proposed IDEA School[2]CLD Realty The Grove at Easton Park – August 10, 2021.

It will sit on 10.493 acres, and will have many affordable housing options and will be financed through private activity bond program.

This apartment complex will technically be outside of Easton Park as it sits West of McKinney Falls Parkway.

Students residing in this apartment complex will attend Hillcrest Elementary School.

The apartment complex is being built by Richard Easton Park Apartments, LLC, which is a subsidiary or Richman Southwest, LLC, which is a subsidiary of The Richman Group.

Affordable Housing

Below are the available units for each Median Family Income level.

Income Level1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 BedroomTotal
Up to 20% MFI   0
Up to 30% MFI0000
Up to 40% MFI66315
Up to 50% MFI37361790
Up to 60% MFI   0
Up to 70% MFI   0
Up to 80% MFI1918845
Up to 120% MFI626028150
Total Units12412056300
Units available based on Median Family Income[3].
Updated on July 29, 2023

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