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The below are Frequently Asked Questions about Easton Park. Click here for the Easton Park Wiki FAQ.

Will there be a Farmers Market at The Union?

If the community wishes to have a Farmers Market, it would be up to the residents of the neighborhood to coordinate and manage. The HOA is willing to work with anyone who wishes to start such an organization. Please reach out to The Union to discuss.

Are there plans to add lighting to the walking and jogging trails?

There are no plans as of March 1st, 2021 per the Annual Meeting and Town Hall. Easton Park abides by the Dark Skies Initiative to reduce light pollution for better health and wildlife.

Are there plans to add trash and recycle bins at mailbox clusters?

There are no plans as of March 1st, 2021 per the Annual Meeting and Town Hall.

Plans for a Gate to the Community?

No. All roads are public and owned by Travis County. Utilities are public through City of Austin.

Any news about the upcoming Discovery Park?

Home builders are currently under contract. Home sales expected to begin in Fall 2021.

When will the Discovery Park space be opened?

In March, it was stated to be about 95% completed. Expecting about 45 days before it’s announced as opened.

What is going on with the low-income/affordable housing in Easton Park?

See Affordable Housing in Easton Park.

Can Dues be increased to support building new amenities?

Raising dues will not support advancing amenity construction. Amenities are market driven and will be built as the community’s evolution progresses[1]June 2nd 2021 Town Hall

Why do parts of the Union Park trails flood?

There are sections of the Union Park trail that are designed to flood during heavy rain storms. This is normal, but should be avoided.

Can I have chickens in the backyard?

No. According to the Master Covenant, Article 2, Use Restrictions, Item 6 (2.06), “any animal not considered to be a domestic household pet within the ordinary means and interpretation of such words may be kept, maintained, or cared for on the Development Area (as used in this paragraph, the term “domestic household pet” shall not mean or include non-traditional pets such as pot-bellied pigs, miniature horses, chickens, exotic snakes or lizards, ferrets, monkey or other exotic animals).

When will there be more community pools and gyms?

There is no ETA for when new Union-like amenities will be constructed or what it will feature. It is known that it will be on the southside of Slaughter Lane.

Why is the dog park a “temporary” dog park?

The location of the current dog park will be removed once a permanent dog park location has been located and constructed.

The features of the current dog park such as the shades, concrete slabs, water fountains, and agility equipment provoke the assumption that there is permanence. Once a replacement has been constructed, the current dog park will be removed for potentially more residential.

When is Skyline Park going to be built or open?

The dates for Skyline Park have changed over the years. As for March 2022, the expectation is that the park will break ground in Q2 or Q3 2022.

Why do Union Park East and Union Park West pay additional HOA fees?

Union Park West‘s land was sold to Meritage Homes to develop, and the Easton Park Master Association does not own the land. Therefore, the Master HOA does not maintain the space. Instead, a sub-Association collects dues to cover the cost of maintenance for the subdivision.

Union Park East is also separate, and their sub-association cares for the landscape services around the homes.

Will the trails have lighting in the future?

No[2]March 2nd, 2022 Town Hall

The Union

Why is The Union closed to the public for private events?

According to a September 1st, 2021 Town Hall, there have been private events held to promote Easton Park. Funds from the event rentals are applied to day-to-day operational costs and maintenance.

Commercial Developments

How are retailers at The Grove selected and approved?

The land was purchased by the developer, First Hartford Realty Corporation and CLD Realty, very early in Easton Park’s development.

Retailers are selected by the developers, with Brookfield having some comment in what could come.

Home Modifications

Do I need to submit an application if I’m replacing my plants that died during a freeze, Or replace them with another approved plant species?


Do I need to submit an application if I’m adding metal edging to an existing landscape bed?


Do I need to submit an application if I’m adding pavers to my sideyard and a tree where there was just grass before?




All roads in Easton Park are public, County roads. The HOA can only advocate so much. It is up to the collective voices of Easton Park residents to raise awareness to the Austin Police Department and Travis County.


The HOA and Developer can only submit warrant studies for traffic.

As of March 1st, 2021, the intersections of William Cannon & Cardinal Bloom/Union Park Drive and William Cannon & Colton Bluff were not deemed as through the traffic warrant study to need signalization.

Two locations that were deemed to get signalization in the next 12 months is at McKinney Falls & Colton Bluff, and Thaxton Road and Slaughter Lane.

What can residents do or contact to voice concerns regarding crosswalks, stop signs, stop lights, and school zones?

Direct feedback to Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources.

Will Bike Lands be added to the Community?

William Cannon, Slaughter Lane, Colton Bluff, and Apogee will all have bike lanes.

Traffic at William Cannon & Colton Bluff Springs Road is terrible. Is there anything that can be done?

On April 16th, Executive Director Christy Gross released the following:

Executive Director (Christy Gross) on Apr 16, 2021 10:30 am
From the Brookfield Development Team, RE: William Cannon Intersection
Dear Easton Park Residents,

As part of our commitment to transparency and community safety, we wanted to share details on our efforts to improve the intersection of Colton Bluff Springs Road and William Cannon Drive. We love seeing the growth in and around our community. However, with that growth comes increased traffic and the need to adapt the roadways around us to keep conditions safe. Public safety is our top priority, and those aren’t just words—our actions are backing that up.

We’ve heard your concerns about this intersection loud and clear. Please know that we share them and have been proactive in our efforts to make this intersection safer. We are working with our partners at Travis County to ensure those concerns are addressed.

We are working toward adding enhancements at this intersection, including paying for and installing a stoplight. That process takes time (approximately a year and a half for design, review, permitting and construction), but we are committed to making it happen. It will first operate as a flashing intersection and then transition to a full traffic signal once justified by traffic counts. 

Until a permanent light can be installed, our engineers have been working in partnership with the County and together we are making improvements in the area to increase its safety and visibility. Over the course of the next few weeks, you will see a number of changes at this intersection, including restriping and installation of a larger stop sign. We are also working with Travis County to install a “stop ahead” sign for cars heading north on Colton Bluff Springs Road approaching William Cannon Drive.

All of these steps we’re taking, with the support and cooperation of Travis County, have your safety and that of your loved ones in mind.

We are working hard to meet these deadlines, and we will keep you updated on the developments through The Community Life Team. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to our office at 512-641-3975 or

We’re committed to doing the right thing to make Easton Park the best it can be. Thank you for being part of our wonderful community! 

Brookfield Residential and Travis County

Any updates on the traffic signal at Colton Bluff and William Cannon?

Developers expecting to deliver stop light in September 2022. It will be a flashing light before it is fully activated.


1June 2nd 2021 Town Hall
2March 2nd, 2022 Town Hall
Updated on March 23, 2022

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