The following is not an official guide from Cohere or Associa. Much for the below is a condensed, or plain-speak, version of the official language. Please see the official HOA Guidelines for exact language.

Xeriscaping is a landscape style where the is little or no need for irrigation, and is allowed within strict guidelines within Easton Park. Xeriscaping guidelines can be in section 3.13 found on page 14 of the HOA Guidelines.


Application & Process

Residents must be approved by the Master HOA and any sub-associations before Xeriscaping their property.

Decision by the Reviewer must be made in a reasonable time. Once approved, the homeowner must:

  • Strictly comply with the Xeriscaping
  • Commence within thirty days (30)
  • Diligently completed

Basic Guidelines

  • Xeriscaping must be aesthetically compatible with other landscaping in the community, as reasonably determined by the Easton Park Reviewer.
  • Not encompass more than ten percent (10%) of the front or backyard.
  • Must not attract disease and insects that are harmful to existing landscaping or neighboring lots

Updated on March 23, 2022

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