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Union Park West

Union Park West sign and entrance at Union Park Lane at dusk.
Union Park West entrance from Union Park Lane

Union Park West (UPW) is a condominium subdivision of Easton Park located on the corner of Colton-Bluff Springs Road and McKinney Falls Parkway. It’s project name is Easton Park Section 1B, Lot 3. There will be a total of 263 homes after construction is completed. All amenities in UPW are maintained by Associa.

The Union Park West Park is a large green space placed in the center of the subdivision on the corner of Railway Summit Drive and Serenity Landing Road. The northern portion of this greenspace features the neighborhood’s mailboxes and an exercise area.

This should not be confused with the announced Park that will exist to the East of the UPW subdivision, and south of the planned Retreat at Union Park multi-family housing complex.

Union Park West Homeowners Association

The Union Park West Condominium Association Inc. (UPCA) is the non-profit corporation that oversees the Homeowners Association for the Union Park West subdivision in Easton Park.


As for August 1st, 2022, Cohere, the HOA management company for all of Easton Park and the sub-association for Union Park East, became the sub-association for Union Park West.

Associa Hill Country

Associa Hill Country was the original sub-Homeowners Association for Union Park West from original construction through August 1st, 2022.


Your account number will appear on all mailed statements.

Assessments or fees, are currently $32 per month.

Assessments for Associa are paid through the Town Square website and application. This application also allows for support requests, payment history and management, as well as some community notifications.

With Cohere becoming the sub-association management company, assessments can be paid with the following options:

ACH Autopay

  1. Setup direct debit via ACH by using this form (resident portal) and with a voided check send to accounting@coherelife.com.
  2. Contact connect@cohere.com to request your account number. You should receive a response with your account number, username, and password in order to access your account at https://dmbcl.vmsclientonline.com/.

Association ID: 2811

Mail & Bank Bill Pay

Include account number on the memo line.

The address is the same address as the payment address for the Easton Park Master Community. The only difference is the addressed to:

Union Park West Condo Association
P.O. Box 64685
Phoenix, AZ 85082


Meritage Homes is the only builder for Union Park West.

Affordable Homes Program

Several homes in this subdivision have been a part of the City of Austin’s S.M.A.R.T Housing project which allows for smaller residential lots to be built with Austin Energy Green Building standards. These homes are to be provisioned for households within 80% of Austin’s MFI.

Updated on August 12, 2022

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